Friday, March 18, 2011

March Madness

No, I don't follow basketball in the merry month of March. I'm just thrilled that we're approaching the first day of Spring(Sunday, March 20th)and the snow shovels and scrapers can be sent to the back of the garage for their summer punishment.

I'm honored to be officiating at a wedding tomorrow of two wonderful people, Tom and Liz. It's a Celtic themed wedding. Both are of Irish descent, as is the officiant and I'm bringing them a beautiful ritual, Handfasting. It originated in early Celt times when a couple wanted to marry but the priest only came around their part of the country every few years. A couple holds hands and they are "bound" together with a rope or ribbon in various colors. It started the phrase "tying the knot" to signify the act of marriage. In those old times, couples could have a few children before they were legally married. Now it's a lovely ritual where grown children can participate in the ceremony. We're also using a beautiful rendition of the St. Francis Prayer, "Make me an instrument of your peace", sung by Susan Boyle, to be played after they say their vows.

I'm invited to the festivities as a guest, also. Usually I don't say "yes" to the invitation, but I know them and many of their guests are my friends, also. It should make for a few funny photos, seeing the Reverend boogying at the reception!

It's a beautiful time of year to start new things. The buds are popping on the forsythias. The tulips and daffodils hardly knew there was 2 feet of snow over them all winter! They are pushing toward the sun even as you look at them. I'm setting out some pansies for color and getting out the shovels, pots and potting soil to start some seeds on the warm side of the house.

So, Happy Spring everyone! We have more daylight in the evenings now to bike, walk or plant. Get rid of the extra layers and enjoy!