Saturday, December 28, 2013


Winding down the days till the end of another year.  How have you spent this year?  Did you anticipate the end with great gladness?  Did it have its tough parts?  Were the good times great!? Did you love someone or something passionately this year?  Did you know Spirit within just a little bit better this year?

We all have questions about life.  How does the beautiful machine of our body work?  How does the heart keep beating and blood continue to pulse throughout the whole body in such homeostasis?
Will there be a place after this when we are all together as one?  When will there be peace on this planet?

I think about the ones that have gone before me at this time of year.  Not without sadness but not in a maudlin way, either.  I have faith that we will all see each other again, in some form or another.  They have transcended this mortal world and their spirits are still quite active in my life and the lives around that they left behind.  I am so sure of that. 

We watch old movies and slides each Christmas Day.  This year, I didn't need to reminisce about the ones that passed.  I have them in my heart.  I carry them always.  I call this ritual "watching movies of dead relatives".  Pretty cold, but that is how it seems like to me.  I also think it's a way to avoid communicating how we really feel.  If we could just turn off the video and talk.  Talk and laugh and cry, if necessary.  I'll suggest it---let's see how it flies.

So this December, as we call it a wrap I suggest that we talk to each other.  Don't let anything be left unsaid.  Say "I love you" a lot.  Say "Your presence means something to me".  Make this year count for something.  Forgive a hurt.  Make amends for something you feel crummy about.  Hold the ones you love closer.

I'm a work in progress.  But, I can be better each day with the help of Spirit; with more awareness of the nearness of Spirit in my life and with you all helping me.

Happy New Year, but enjoy each day.