Monday, January 17, 2011

Thank you, Martin!

On this anniversary of the birth of Rev. King, we remember that freedom isn't free.
How many have sacrificed their lives, through wars here or in foreign lands, to keep us free.

When I think of the individuals that stepped up to the plate to
be heard, I am in awe. I want to be able to be that person that isn't fearful or embarrassed to help someone cross the street or a person who isn't afraid to stand
for what I know is Truth. Yes, bigotry and racial hatred is alive and well in this country. After hundreds of years, we still look down at others who are different. The phrase "Who's got it better than us?" comes to my heart. We have financial difficulties in our country, yes, but that doesn't mean that we grab for our neighbors stuff or hate them because they have more than we have!

I know that someday, Martin's words will come to fruition. He had a Dream!
He saw things that needed to be changed. Our leader, President Obama, is
making those changes, but they have to be done with diplomacy and slowly
in the world of politics. But we can do our bit--just small steps that add up-
to make changes in the world around us.

As Janice said "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose". So
what do we have to lose? Stand up for Freedom, for Martin, John, Bobby, even
Gabbie and those who died in Tucson last week.

I'm grateful that I can stand and be counted today. Thank you, Martin!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mindful Day

January is here ten days now and I'm finally getting to my Blog to kick off the new year of 2011. We spent 9 days in sunny Florida, some with my 88 year old Dad.
Florida has a nice appeal when the snow is pelting the Northeast and other parts of the USA. Weather has been so spooky--global warming needs an exorcist and our earth needs lots of prayers.

We enjoyed being in the sunshine, walking the Gulfshore beaches and eating out every night. We stayed mostly with Dad but looked around for our own digs. Just looked!
Visited a few friends that became full-time Floridians and that was lovely. I know that I really am not ready for full-time retirement--The "R" word! I know that my ministry will be a life-long journey and love it.

I see the aging American and Europeans down there and enjoying life to the fullest. I didn't see a lot of wheelchairs or walkers. The old folks(I'm talking octogenarians) are really vital and healthy. We enjoyed going to a Warm Mineral Springs one day. I've been there and had a massage this time. Bruce had been in mineral springs 17 years ago in the Azores but I could tell he wasn't quite sure of this adventure. Most participants were Russian or Poles, Italians and more. It was fun floating around the lake hearing all the different conversations echo off the water. The bodies were of all sizes and shapes and, thankfully, clothed in bathing attire. We felt that was one of the highlights of our time in sunny Florida.

A nice way of re-entry was to take a "Mindful" day yesterday. I didn't think of the 15 things that needed my immediate attention like get my reading glasses fixed at Costco! It took me about 1/2 hour after rising to just say "Just Be today". I breathed, slowed down, let go, set a beautiful fire and lay down on my couch with Marvin, our cat. He missed us! It was freeing and delicious.

A Mindful day recharges me. I remember what is important and what isn't. I live in the moment, which is all we have, right?