Saturday, October 19, 2013

R & R

Spent a few restful days on the South Carolina shore last week.  It was a wonderful getaway for the two of us after a hectic summer.

I was amazed at the difference in the shoreline.  The tide went out so far, we could ride bikes on the hard surface of the ocean floor.  The wildlife was sparse at this time of year(Fall) but we enjoyed the sandpipers and gulls along our ride.  The ocean was warm enough to swim but the air had a nice chill in it, so I deferred.  Shells were tiny!  They were few and far between, unlike the west coast of Florida and our Fire Island beaches.  I found more shells on the golf course!  Yes, multi-tasking is one of my talents.  Hit the ball, stoop to look for shells, hit the ball.......

We loved Charleston and the history of the Civil War.  The Southern Hospitality was lovely.  I was called "ma'am" fifty times!  The food was yummy and there was plenty of great spots to dine.  I went to The Gibbes Museum to see photographic exhibit from the Civil War.  It showed the carnage caused by the muskets; the amount of casualties was almost 1/4 the population of the U.S. at the time.  Amazed at the clarity of the photographs and horrified at the site of so many dead and wounded.

The South has its charm, yes.  It also has it's dark side:  Slavery.  I would not bring myself to paying money to go to a southern plantation.  One couple in our group did and was astounded to hear the black man who gave the tour say that he was "so proud to have his family work this place for so many years."  I am sure that was the written speech that the tourists wanted to hear.  Those places were the scene of so much pain and sadness that the earth still holds the cries of women, men and children that were kept there to do the Masters bidding. 

It is a nice place to visit, but you won't catch me living there anytime soon.  The charm of Charleston may bring me back for some delicious grits and shrimp.  Till then, I'm a satisfied New Yorker!

Monday, October 7, 2013


A fond farewell to our gorgeous summer!  But wait--it's October and the thermostat is registering 77 and more each day.  The air is crisp in the morning but warms up in mid-day.  I'm seeing lots of folks running and on their bikes, enjoying the beautiful Fall here on Long Island.

The birds are eating everything I put out for them in their feeders daily. Do they know that this winter is going to be a doozie?  Squirrels are getting fat and the Canada Geese are honking away on the lake.  Fall brings on the "diving ducks", skillful in holding their breaths as they pluck up the algae on the bottom.  Montauk Daisies abound inbetween the fall mums left over from years back, prolific and hearty despite being neglected.  The white daisies pop out and get your attention as if to say--last look at blooming flowers!  Catch me while you can!

Noticing the bluest skies and loveliest feathery clouds. I found a cloud-bird flying over a sunrise one morning while going over the bridge to the beach.
On facebook, someone posted a cloud-dog.  Seemed impossible but those dog people on facebook can conjure up some interesting pictures!

Noticing that shops are putting out Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff together.   The Big Three-how the thought of all of them together gives me anxiety. 

Back in Spiritual Counseling class each month.  The tourists in New York are dressed like they are at the beach.  I'm in my basic Manhattan Black.  Noticing that I need to put some color in my wardrobe.  Black and Orange?

Noticing as I grow older that I want to google, read, listen and absorb as much as possible.  I'm turning into an information junkie.  Unfortunately, I remember about half of it! 

Noticing that I could go on like this for days, so----DONE!