Friday, February 21, 2020

No "Organ Recital" for me

These past winters spent in Florida have been wonderful, exhilarating and eye opening, for sure.  I've heard  "y'all" come out of my Yankee mouth once or twice.  There's a strange hankering for grits.  I understand why the Southern folks don't understand me-I have to slow down the wordslinkingtogether when I talk.  Maybe someday I'll be welcomed as just myself-not as a "Northerner."

I know it takes time to acclimate to a new situation.  We've been part of this area for almost 20 years! But that was as a tourist, visiting with Dad here and there, renting for a month or two at a time. I'm frustrated that I don't have my life long friends along for me to  say:  "Did you see how funny that was?" We'll always be Snow Birds as New York is my birth home but definitely enjoying this time of my life here in a warm climate.

When out to dinner with the movie group which we started going to when Dad was alive, we are the youngest by 20 years or so, save one woman my age.  When Dad was here, he would take exception to the litany of "The Organ Recital."  As each came and sat, each one would recite which organ they had trouble with that week. So often, it was just venting.  Sometimes, it was serious.  The doctors offices down here are teeming with Medicare recipients-and we have fine docs here, I have to say as a lifelong New Yorker who tends to be slightly biased.

Dad would always avoid the organ recital.  He was not one to call attention to himself.  When my mom was alive, she probably wouldn't give him the time to allow this anyway.  Headaches-not allowed!  Back pain-nix!  Occasionally he would say he had a bad tummy.  He had colitis as a kid and that was exasperated when he spent a year in a German concentration camp during World War II.

The sun, the weather and all the time outdoors have been a boon to my health and well being.  I am sitting here in my beautiful home looking out at swaying palms and a sweet little lagoon.  All organs are intact, thank God.  We are free from Coronavirus.  We are exercising our bodies, minds and souls.  All is good.