Monday, August 5, 2013

Goings On

Wedding season has been somewhat quiet for this officiant.  It seems like the folks are deciding that they don't need any long engagement.  The shortest engagement I saw this year was a month.  Our couple had been together years before and rekindled their romance.  He proposed on June 28 and they were married on July 21!  And no, they were not expecting.

I know that it takes a while for me to formulate a ceremony in my brain. I call it "percolating".  After our initial meeting, I write down things they said that may be pertinent to the ceremony.  I have them complete a 4 page questionnaire with a lot of information but nothing beats a face to face conversation.  I get a real feel for their connection, with either a face to face or Skype interview. 

September has become the new June.  Maybe venues charge less during the early Fall;  I have 5 weddings so far for September!  They are spread out from Roslyn to the North Fork and down to the Hamptons.  I'll be spreading the love all over the place. 

Have a Joyful August!