Monday, April 16, 2012

Season of Love

It's the season! The birds are running around building their nests. The geese and swans in my backyard lake have been all a-honking and racing around protecting their eggs. I love this season of plenty and growth.

The brides and grooms are finding me and I'm thrilled to have June almost fully booked! I am officiating for two brides, also, who will be tying the knot in a venue in Brooklyn. Road trip back to where I spent my first 6 months of marriage way back in the 70's. I love to see all this love in the air. Young couples or mature folks who finally found their life-long mate--it's an exciting time.

When I first meet a couple that have asked me to marry them, it is magical. Their shyness wears off after a few minutes. We talk, I get to hear about how they met and how their love started to spark. Who wouldn't love this job? If you can call it a "job"? I call it a privilege, an honor, to be able to be with two people as they publicly proclaim their love and devotion to each other. And to legally officiate is just the icing on the cake.

I am also offering a "short-ceremony" wedding for elopements and those couples who want to have the ceremony and dinner at some of the local restaurants in my area.
You can contact me--my geese and swans will be your witnesses! And maybe a few babies by then.