Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wildest Dreams

On November 27, 2011, I had the great privilege of being the officiant at my son, Blair and his beautiful wife, Stephanie's wedding. It was a destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico.
The wedding group assembled a few days before the nuptuals for Thanksgiving weekend.
Steph and Blair chose a great all-inclusive place on the Mayan Riviera called Dreams.
And it was dreamy! The water was a beautiful blue, sand a white soft powder and endless amounts of food and drink.

The focus was the young couple. They wanted all of us to bond as a new family as we're all scattered around the country. Friends came from Nevada and California and family flew in from from Massachusetts, California, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. We sat around on the beach and by the pool for a few days, talking, playing soccer and football, snorkling and getting to know new family members.

The wedding ceremony was at 4 pm on Sunday afternoon. The ladies went to the spa in the morning for some TLC and some of the guys went to play golf. Steph didn't want Blair to see her on her wedding day and friends made sure he didn't. The day was a bit overcast and rain had been predicted. It got progressively darker as 4 pm drew near but the bride and her dad made it down to the Mayan Temple wedding site before the sprinkles came. John, Stephanie's dad had tears flowing as he approached the spot where Blair and the wedding party waited. Stephanie was a vision! My boy looked as handsome as ever, the joy on his face made him glow!

As the mother as well as the officiant, I felt a peace and basked in all the love. The ceremony was their choice and a great one it was. They spoke their vows quietly and reverently. My heart was so full watching the "kids" totally into the moment. They really did marry themselves. We were just the witnesses. The almost forty guests cheered as Blair dipped her at their kiss to seal the deal. The rains started in earnest during the cocktail hour but we held umbrellas over us as we rocked to the Mariachi Band the couple hired to entertain us.

We ate and danced for the rest of the night. Then the bride and groom and a few hard-core wedding goers went dancing some more! I went to sleep that night with a smile on my face, knowing the God above was also smiling at all the love shared.