Saturday, January 28, 2012


As the song goes, "Let's Do It, Let's Fall In Love". I found it appropriate this month to blog on Love since February is the Love Month! To me, in the wedding biz, every day is about Love. My motto is "There is Only Love" from a wonderful piece of music I learned at Seminary.

I've been in a frenzy this month with Bridal Showcases, contacting brides and grooms and brides and brides and grooms and grooms about my wonderful ministry. It is a gift to be able to legally send two people out into the world as a married entity. I have so much fun with it. Love meeting them and hearing about how they fell in love. There are many on-line couples that make it to the altar, so you singles out there-hang in! If Spirit wants you to be with someone, they'll make it difficult for you not to meet!

I was just asked to do a wedding in June with a 1940's theme. Wow! My Mom and Dad fell in love in the 40's and we grew up with that music. Cole Porter is in my blood. Dorsey and the rest of the big bands are what I was weaned on. This should be so much fun! Thank you, Amanda!

Love is contagious, don't you think? I know that when I see lovers holding hands, no matter what age, it's a sign of good health. I grab my honey's hand when I can and we are still happily married after almost 42 years. We love having newlyweds living with us-for the second time. Keeps us focused on the years when we couldn't be apart from each other for a minute!

So, dear ones, love each other this month and each day. Keep it alive in your hearts because, as the Beatles say "All You Need is Love".