Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Some new awarenesses are cropping up----again! So, where do I go with all of this new info?
To the Source, first and then to one of my "God In Skin" friends.

I always get what I need when I come clean with some new tidbits that roll around in my brain. If I could see inside my head, I'd be aghast at all the clutter! So I need a periodic
interior washing. It's great to go on retreats, sitting on a beach or mountain reflecting
on the "stuff" in my head. I journal and talk, walk and pray. But, what happens when
the light is shone on some stuff and there's no beach or mountain to seek out? I can pick
up a phone and dial. I can pick up my cell and text. I can chat it away on Face Book. Or
just write down a few lines on an email and it gets it out. "Up and Out" is a mantra I often use.

We humans are blessed with brains that hold so much stuff! The music I carry around in my head, the conversations I had that stick(for no reason at all)in my head for centuries, books and movies, great memories and sad events that happen. All are part of the mosaic that is US!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Blew By You

While playing golf in Scotland a few years ago, we found the caddies to be rather cheeky.
They were stand up comedians that got paid for their expertise on the golf course as well as their stand up capabilities!

One set, at the famous Old Course at St. Andrew's, gave us the royal treatment. The course was tough! The caddies tougher! But they made it fun and put on the dog for us. The shots would be a little errant " a Linda Ronstadt -- Blew by you" they would call out! Or "a Barbra Streisand--ugly but still working" (sorry to the Barbra fans out there-not my material).
They could be blunt--"no, Ma'am you couldn't possibly hit into the group in front of you-don't flatter yourself".

The storm tht blew by us last night was a doozie. I am sure it could have been called a mini tornado. The umbrella in the patio table was picked up and tossed around like a twig. The torrential rains that came with the flash storm were like sheets of rivers. Trees were scattered around trees, exposing wires.

The weather this year has been so mecurial! It just gives us a wake up call and then says "bye, just wanted to make sure you were paying attention". What are we doing to our land that it gets so violent? The oil spill, Katrina, tornados, Haiti, the tsunami not so long ago--all of the earths howlings! Are we so asleep that Spirit is shaking us to wake up and pay attention?

I'm keeping one eye opened from now on!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The day I'll remember forever

It's my daughter's 32nd birthday. Some things are easy to forget. I forget what I had for breakfast(or if I ate anything). I forget where I'm going when I'm driving in the car with some great music. I easily forget my husband's schedule!

But this was a great day-July 24, 1978. My brother took me to the doctor in his red pickup because my husband was at work. Then he had to take me right to the hospital! The poor guy wasn't even married at the time!

Father of baby-to-be did arrive and made it to see his beautiful baby daughter born! We did Lamaze--the rage in the 70's. God has a great way with childbirth. You only remember the wonder and the miracle about gestation and birth. How does it happen? How wonderful it is to see that little face after wondering for months "What will it be and what will it look like?" "Will it remember me?"

She is a mother now. A wonderful, caring, loving mother. Her little ones are her life. She is patient and teaches them everything. My little 4 year old granddaughter and I were talking in the car one day. I said that she had a wonderful vocabulary. She then said "humungous, I know humungous". I chuckled because that is one of the words my daughter uses.

Happy Birthday, dear daughter. My love for you is Humungous!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Being a minister

It took a while, but I think that I've been able to wrap my brain around the "minister" title.
A friend told me that we already are ministers, in serving others and being of help to the people we meet daily. I love people and all of God's creatures! It makes me happy to be in company with like-minded people and talk about spiritual things. We are evolving as a species, hopefully.
But with that comes great responsibility.

To take care of each other is our job! Didn't one of the masters say "Love others as you love yourself." In stepping into a minister's role, I am just following the steps that I have already taken so many times before.

I was a candy striper during my high school years. I delivered newspapers and mail to patients at the local hospital. Then I worked in the gift shop. In college, a friend and I worked after classes at the hospital next door to our school. She went on to leave to go to nursing school and teaches today at a State University. Being of service came from my family. My parents taught us that "idle hands" thing! Volunteerism was a must!

When I see the "Footprints" poem, and there is one set of footprints in the sand, I know that I made many of those steps myself--going forward--but there was also the one that took over when I was weary-- where I was carried.

Enjoy Your Journey!
Rev. Barbara