Monday, July 26, 2010

Blew By You

While playing golf in Scotland a few years ago, we found the caddies to be rather cheeky.
They were stand up comedians that got paid for their expertise on the golf course as well as their stand up capabilities!

One set, at the famous Old Course at St. Andrew's, gave us the royal treatment. The course was tough! The caddies tougher! But they made it fun and put on the dog for us. The shots would be a little errant " a Linda Ronstadt -- Blew by you" they would call out! Or "a Barbra Streisand--ugly but still working" (sorry to the Barbra fans out there-not my material).
They could be blunt--"no, Ma'am you couldn't possibly hit into the group in front of you-don't flatter yourself".

The storm tht blew by us last night was a doozie. I am sure it could have been called a mini tornado. The umbrella in the patio table was picked up and tossed around like a twig. The torrential rains that came with the flash storm were like sheets of rivers. Trees were scattered around trees, exposing wires.

The weather this year has been so mecurial! It just gives us a wake up call and then says "bye, just wanted to make sure you were paying attention". What are we doing to our land that it gets so violent? The oil spill, Katrina, tornados, Haiti, the tsunami not so long ago--all of the earths howlings! Are we so asleep that Spirit is shaking us to wake up and pay attention?

I'm keeping one eye opened from now on!

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