Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's a Wonderful Life

It's been quite a month or two! I've been in a wedding frenzy, helping couples ploan their ceremonies, making sure all the names are correct, the readings are perfect for each couple and having the licenses signed, sealed and delivered after the festivities are over. I take this job seriously-it is a ministry, a call for service that my Divine Creator asks me to perform. I was reminded that I worked hard to be where I am in this lifetime. It doesn't come naturally to me to have a microphone in my hand but I love, love, love to marry couples! I had no idea that, two short years ago, I would be doing this. I went to Seminary to learn about world religions, something I was always interested in exploring. In High School, I had a great religion teacher who gave us smatterings of existentialism and Sartre. It led me to philosophy and the great teachers that gave us the basis for all thinking. A marriage of those two gave me the inquisitive mind to go further. Now, years later, I am "preaching" mindfulness to my brides as they come down the aisle. I whisper "Just breathe-be in your body and just be here". I make eye contact and we breathe together. The ceremony begins when we are present-all three of us. The crowd behind them becomes a blur and we're off! Besides having the privilege of being a wedding officiant, I also offer baby blessings. In May, I offered a blessing for a beautiful baby boy, Anderson Jeremiah Millard. His mommy, Birgitta, is a dear friend and we had fun doing it up big for this bundle of joy. Each guest was given a sand dollar. They wrote their name and a wish for Anderson on them. During the ceremony, we strung all the shells together and they will hold a special place in the baby's room. As he grows, the spirit of each person will strengthen Anderson and give him comfort. As a species, we are hard-wired for joy! How wonderful it is to be alive and know that we are all part of a Divinity who knows us, up and down, in and out! All love during this month of weddings, graduations, special days for all kinds of fathers!