Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sweet 16

It's been a while since I connected with my Blogger spot.  I am busy with material for my monthly column in The Great South Bay Magazine, weddings for some wonderful couples and taking some time to write for my own - almost ready - book of meditations.

Writing can take a fair amount of my creative energy.  When you don't have the inspiration, it's a struggle to sit at the computer and make the fingers move.  I have a lot of time on my hands now, in Florida for a few months, and want to get this project done!  I've had so much going on:  shoulder surgery, officiating a nieces wedding, packing for the winter and then got hit with the flu.  It takes me some time to recharge enough to be able to sit and feel the flow of creative energy.

I found that meditation has been a huge help to spark that flow.  Sitting and just be-ing has been a daily regime that I maintain.  It's been a way to reconnect to the Divine inside and also quell the machinations of my mind.  A friend calls them "the ooga-boogas".  I make sure they are gone by the time I arise from my meditation chair and don't think about them for the rest of the day.

Meditation can be a five minute eye-rest or an hour full body scan.  I can meditate anywhere, anytime and among any group.  My sister, Stancie, used to be famous for her power naps.  They recharged her, too.  I also remember coming home from school and finding my mom stretched out on her loveseat to recharge for us kids.  Whether they were out cold for 30 minutes, or meditating on the peace and quiet, I take that as permission to have myself a lie-down when I need it.

So, the discipline involved in writing starts with my quiet time.  Since the book is on meditation, I get a boat load of material while I'm sitting.  I love it, anyway. 

Let's start off Sweet 16 with some sweet quiet and rest - if only for 5 minutes.  It will send up all the love to the universe and heal yourself and the world.