Saturday, July 24, 2010

The day I'll remember forever

It's my daughter's 32nd birthday. Some things are easy to forget. I forget what I had for breakfast(or if I ate anything). I forget where I'm going when I'm driving in the car with some great music. I easily forget my husband's schedule!

But this was a great day-July 24, 1978. My brother took me to the doctor in his red pickup because my husband was at work. Then he had to take me right to the hospital! The poor guy wasn't even married at the time!

Father of baby-to-be did arrive and made it to see his beautiful baby daughter born! We did Lamaze--the rage in the 70's. God has a great way with childbirth. You only remember the wonder and the miracle about gestation and birth. How does it happen? How wonderful it is to see that little face after wondering for months "What will it be and what will it look like?" "Will it remember me?"

She is a mother now. A wonderful, caring, loving mother. Her little ones are her life. She is patient and teaches them everything. My little 4 year old granddaughter and I were talking in the car one day. I said that she had a wonderful vocabulary. She then said "humungous, I know humungous". I chuckled because that is one of the words my daughter uses.

Happy Birthday, dear daughter. My love for you is Humungous!!!!!!!!!

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