Friday, September 3, 2010

New Beginnings

A hurricane called "Earl" is due this weekend in our area. The official end of summer, Labor Day weekend, and everyone is scurrying around de-summering their porches, patios and wondering what is going to happen.

The exact science of the weather-people always makes me scratch my head. The TV stations fly their top weather peole all down the East Coast -into the storm center for bigger effect - and then "pffft" --the storm becomes a rain shower of absolutly no consequence whatsoever. Flashlights and milk fly off shelves in the stores and panic has been put into place.

I actually would relish a little storm. As long as the house is warm and there are candles, bring it on! My computer has been charged, so contact with the outside world is possible. I've got a new novel on the shelf and some great meditation CD's(batteries). The possibilities are endless.
It offers me time to reflect on the start of a new season, adding to my Dream Board and looking at dates for some workshops and retreat days.

So far, Earl is looking more like a lamb than the lion they made him out to be. I'm sure God is laughing at us mortals who panic at a little wind. The force that is possible(and we've seen it) couldn't be measured by our "puny" instruments.

Enjoy the change--roll with it and have some fun!

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